Aware of electricity bills

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In the 21st century, global warming has appeared as a great issue that is inescapable. so it is essential to think about electricity usage. Generate the electricity we burnt the coal, oil, gas which add much carbon to the atmosphere. This is the primary cause of global warming. We should use our power to choose the appropriate company for less usage of electricity. Let us see about the Power to Choose the right one. High use of electricity causes the high cost of bills. Here are some intellectual facts which can keep your bills at a low range.

Power to Choose

Programmable thermostats natural gas heating lighting

Programmable thermostats:

These thermostats are programmable. It allows you to decide your house’s inner temperature. You can program the temperature according to your climate. It has a separate temperature for weekends. It saves your electricity about 35% of your heating and cooling costs.

Natural gas heating:

It is quite costly the electric heating who are shifting to the new house can choose this. You can heat a single room instead of heating the entire room. It can save up your electricity.


We can use CFL OR LED light bulbs instead of a normal ones. The CFLs or LED are one-time investments. It last 5 to 10 times longer than normal light. It saves 90% on your light bill.

You can build or reconstruct your house by considering your bills. Here some advice that will affect your bills.

Sealing: lights sealing which is vented down will affect the energy ratings or e.bills


we can choose light colors in warmer climates. We can choose bright colors in cold climates.

There are plenty of electric services. but it is pretty essential to choose a good service. This we can manage our electric bills. These energy-saving ideas can keep extra money in your wallet.

There are lots of electric services. we have to be cautious in choosing the appropriate electric service company. Being a consumer in the electric company you have to read EFL(electricity facts label), YRAC(your rights as a customer), and TOS(terms of service) documents to be clear about your plan and know the details of your plan. here are a few guidelines for you to choose the best.

  • Know about the electricity terms kilowatt-hour(kwh)
  • Mind the1000 kWh and 2000kwh. Most of the customers use between 1000 to 2000 kwh. During summer customers may reach a 2000 kWh rate.
  • An early termination fee will be charged if you break your contract early without completing it. if you use the electricity less than 1000 why .there will be no fee for you?
  • Buy the home appliances after checking, that it has the energy star logo or not .the products with the energy star logo consume less electricity. All the home appliances like the computer, AC, washing machine, dishwasher are available with the energy star logo. It saves your electricity and money and consumes less power. Use the refrigerators efficiently. Because refrigerators are the biggest problem for those who try to use less electricity. We can buy energy star logo refrigerators that consume less electricity. don’t open then refrigerators doors unnecessarily.