How much does a wedding cost: spending items. Allow around $ 150 per guest for meals and drinks. The honor drink (+ or – 500 $) is not included in this price. The catering budget is the one that has increased the most in the last 10 years, it will represent 25% of the total amount of your wedding.

The price of the room varies enormously depending on the prestige of the place. Count 250 $ for a town hall.

Do you want to get married in a castle or in an unusual place?

Do you want to get married in a castle or in an unusual place?

In this case, plan for a spike in rates, between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000. On average, the room represents a quarter of your wedding budget.

Good news, wedding dresses are much more affordable today than 10 or 15 years ago. The first prices start at 300 $ excluding accessories and on average, a wedding dress costs between 1,000 and 1,500 $.
Gentlemen, for your wedding suit, you will pay around $ 500.

Wedding photographer and musical entertainment

The price of a wedding photographer is on average $ 600, while to liven up your evening, a DJ will charge you between $ 800 and $ 1000.

Other wedding expenses

In addition to the traditional costs (caterer, room, outfits, photographer, and DJ), there are various expenses such as the honeymoon, wedding rings, decoration of the room (if it is not included in the rental price), sugared almonds, announcements… If you too want to delegate your wedding to a wedding planner, organize a prepared meal or post-wedding brunch, this will have a significant impact on the total cost price.

Do you have a limited budget for your wedding?

Do you have a limited budget for your wedding?

By limiting certain expenses, you can still organize a very nice party: a buffet instead of a dinner served at the table, a meal only with loved ones and the evening for friends, a homemade decoration, a charming room rather than a vast domain…

Financing your wedding

Manners are changing, as is the average age of newlyweds: 31 years. Today, it is mainly the bride and groom who provide the funding for their marriage. Parents, themselves, still intervene regularly to offer the dress or the honeymoon.

Make consumer credit for your wedding

If you want to make a loan for your wedding, start by setting your budget. You will be able to take out a consumer credit which corresponds to future expenses. Your bank will take into account your personal contribution, the amount remaining to be financed and your repayment capacity. Take it early enough to have the money when you have to pay the first installments.

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