From toe to head and their freshness on doing massages

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In the human body, there is a lot of tissue that soft tissue can manipulate by massage. This technique is applied in fingers, elbows, head, knees, feet, etc. The ultimate aim of the massage (마사지 ) is to reduce the stress and pain in the human body. These messages can’t be given by all but the only professional person can be in this field and they are called as a masseur (male) and masseuse (female). Most of the countries call these massage professions as a massage therapist and is recognized by the government as a business norm for the people who are well trained to give massage to people. In this profession, most of the clients are treated well and they are asked to lie on a table or bed or chair or mat to give a massage. Commonly used products for massage are bed or floor only, it’s very perfect to give massage properly others things are a little tough. Some other massages like aquatic and bodywork are performed in water with floating or submersed and it is also called a warm water therapy pool. If we do massage then the body automatically emits endorphins and it feels good for our body, it’s more similar to runners because naturally brain release oxytocin which is the natural chemical and it feels good to reduce pain and use as an antidepressant. In massage, the human gets a chemical response and it feels good. It is the same as affectionate contact from friends or family. In China, this profession was extremely popular, in Shanghai City alone there are more than 1500-foot massage centers available. Double amount of massage centers in Shenzhen City. More than ten thousand employees are working in this massage services industry in China. In this profession, the average salary for a worker was at least ten thousand yuan per month. In recent years, this was the highest-paid job in China’s market. Most of the massage centers are linked with the sex industry, so the Chinese government takes many steps to stop prostitution and so spreading disease with others. Everybody knows in china yellow sweep was an area having more number of parlors. Because these massage parlors were attending more number of customers and they go to different cities late at night, most people visit local police at that place only. In the United Kingdom, it was becoming more popular in recent years and it attracts more popularity. In this country, many of the workers are working in private practitioner or own premises and commercial venues to operate it.

Sports and business field:

Ancient China and Ancient Greece have developed these massage professions in the sports field. Taoist priests developed the massage technique in kung-fu and gymnasium movement. In the early Olympic games, special trainers came to rub their muscles to players and it is a similar massage only, so later they studied as gymnastic movements. In 1984 Summer Olympics has held in Los Angles at that Olympics only the massage was the first telecast on tv to show the massage was performed on athletes. After that 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, the massage therapist was recognized as a medical services team to the US Olympic team. US government turns this massage into a business and organization. Most popular athletes Jordan and James have their own massage therapist and the therapist travel with them every time.