SCHUFA and the categories of business partner with the self-revelation of schufa

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The SCHUFA Holding AG (appropriate spelling SCHUFA, once SCHUFA e. V. defensive relationship for general credit security ) is a private-area German credit organization in the authoritative document of a business entity with central command in Wiesbaden. The investors incorporate credit foundations, exchanging organizations, and other schufafrei service suppliers. Their business intention is to give their authoritative accomplices data on the (creditworthiness) of outsiders.

Schufa has 943 million individual information on 67.9 million regular people and 6 million organizations. Schufa measures over 165 million requests about creditworthiness consistently. 2.7 million of this is data for shoppers who need to see their information. It utilizes around 900 individuals (starting in 2019). In 2019, deals added up to € 212 million.

The CEO has been Tanja Birkholz since July 1, 2020. Christian Polenz has been Schufa administrative board director since July 2020.

Business partner

The business partners of Schufa are separated into three classifications:

schufafrei service

Agreement partners (credit card organizations, credit foundations, and renting organizations) get positive and negative highlights.

B contract partners (non-banks: exchange, mail request, electronic exchange, land industry, media communications, and different organizations that offer types of assistance and conveyances against credit) get negative highlights. Schufa additionally gives the executives and client care services for different organizations, specifically insurance agencies that can show an authentic interest.

F contract partners (obligation assortment organizations) get address information (as per the Schufa press office, nonetheless, just from normal people who had additionally agreed to the Schufa provision while closing an agreement, for example as in any remaining cases).

The Internet sales management firm eBay has been utilizing the Schufa information since March 2003, for instance, to build up personality when opening new client accounts; an appropriate measure to forestall wholesale fraud, since it is preposterous to expect to sign in with information taken from the telephone directory, for instance, by connecting to the date of birth. Moreover, the solicitation is put aside for one year only for the customer in his information record for control purposes. The Reemtsma and different closeout houses and Freemail – Anbieter put an Adult Verification System, a Schufa.

Since November 1, 2005, Schufa has additionally been offering an age check framework, which has been supported and perceived by the Commission for Youth Media Protection. This implies that there is no requirement for the tedious PostIdent system for buying items that may just be offered to grown-ups (for instance, high-rate liquor or DVDs that are not appropriate for minors). These items are constantly conveyed actually to those distinguished as grown-ups. This is to keep minors from getting articles that are not considered them. As indicated by the organization report (2014), Schufa has 9,000 corporate clients. In the financial business, broadcast communications, receivables the board, and the business land industry, Schufa holds pieces of the pie among 80% and practically 100%.


As indicated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), each individual has the option to data about the information put away by an organization. There is additionally the option to have mistaken information revised. As opposed to the old Federal Data Protection Act, a free information outline as indicated by Art. 15 GDPR can be mentioned a few times each year. What’s more, Schufa offers the likelihood to review your information for a charge – from one perspective for all time through the online entryway and then again through the composed item “credit report”.