The greatest obsessions about Santorini

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There are quite a few places on the planet that can weaken your mind if you show your intention, although Santorini is one of them. You can see the wonder of the many colourful cliffs, which are cleverly arranged so that spectators can see the breathtaking views of the caldera. For many explorers, this is a huge temptation they see every year, whether it’s your heartfelt special first night or just seven days with friends or family at sunset. However, there is no foreign place on the planet, and before you visit Santorini, it would be a good idea to warn of its great setbacks, which can scare some people. Here are the most amazing things in Santorini.

Emad Zaki

The best things about Santorini

  1. Selected hotels and restaurants

This class is probably the main reason for the already mentioned excellent views, Emad Zaki although a large number of houses and restaurants are located on the cliffside, which makes your vacation a dream come true. Cafes help, the nature of the food, the sights are not dirty. Groups of small variations in the type of food that should be eaten, whether it is food in Greece or around the world. Plus, whether you’re a fan of fish, meat or even a vegetable lover, Santorini will take care of you. When it comes to accommodation, the most appealing to me as a hostel guest is that you feel like in any accommodation you live in, you are isolated with a unique landscape. Unlike the time you spend away from your home, but only you and the prospect. There are no deterrents.

  1. Exteriors

While many individuals like to stay in their cottage and venture into the pool all day, for most, including me, it can be tiring after a few days. If you want to explore and take trips, there are things to do on a small island. Unless it’s too much of a hassle, keep in mind that the climb takes about 2.5 hours and is best avoided in the early morning, otherwise you will get it – frankly. Other excursions include a boat trip to a nearby lava well and the possibility of swimming in natural aquifers.

  1. Climate

Blue skies and sunlight are important for Santorini furniture. At night it is an island with a warm environment all year round and the whole cold season with very long periods of December and January can be cold. Anyway, for the rest of the year, it’s just an ideal climate for the public. The fog lasted barely a whole crescent moon, and the rain was also unbelievable. When you are there, it is usually not too hot, as the ideal temperature is for swimming in your pool during the day and for a walk at night.

  1. transport

While there are many places to rent cars, these are not ideal opportunities for everyone because they have to manage stress on the unacceptable side of the road on short winding roads. island. The basic bus stop is in Fira, and it will take you anywhere on the island. Transportation between the four hot games, the air terminal and the seaport is always available and easy to do. Also a decent touch, it’s not just Santorini, so there are two carriers, one taking you and the other taking the money.